What made us do it?

The team was brought together by a shared vision of the world and a passion for developing a company that can outperform through providing products and services needed to meet the increasing demands and complexities our society face.

To solve the increasing demand for clean energy the group set out to combine traditional ventures with newly made fintech and let the public work together with the capital market, and thus SWITCHR was born.

The Story.


Our time to

act is now.

Our planet needs us to be at the top of our game. Together with us, you can make the switch, from polluting energy sources, to a clean and renewable alternative, benefiting ourselves, the planet and our future generations.

Join us in creating a world where energy is renewable, abundant and accessible, through our democratic, transparent and people-centred SWITCHR movement.

We cannot reach our audacious goal alone. We need you. This is why we build our social platform to enable easy investments in SWITCHR. Our platform will be key for our global movement of like-minded people, to become active participants.

Through our Community we enable individuals to become energy aware, empowered to engage, and have a voice. With transparency and democracy as core beliefs, we strive to make it easy for people to take part in the energy transformation, and become active investors.

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