Why solar?

What about other energy sources?

Energy demand to double in 30 years

80% of today’s energy consumption comes from non-renewable, pollutant energy sources. The energy sector contributes to 30% of the global greenhouse emissions. With the projected increase in energy consumption, greenhouse emissions will continue to rise.
Our global way of life is deeply dependent on energy. This combined with economic and population growth will double energy demand by 2050.

Emerging opportunities

This is one of the world’s greatest challenges, and it lies at the intersection of an equally large opportunity. The energy sector is one of today’s worst polluters, but it has the potential to reinvent itself. It can become an industry which supplies the world’s population with renewable, reliable and reasonable energy. We have the tools, the knowledge and the incentive to make an energy transition. History has shown that in times of change, opportunity has never been given – but always been taken. SWITCHR is committed to lead the process of reinventing the energy industry.

The sun is the future 

The sun is essential for all life on earth. The sun provides an incredible source of affordable and abundant power. The sun radiates 8000 times more energy than we consume on a daily basis, yet solar energy powers only 2% of our current consumption. By using the sun, we have found the solution to solving the greatest challenge of our time. When used efficiently, we only need 1.2% of the Sahara desert to generate enough energy for the entire planet. This is where the opportunities lie, and how we can create large-scale and lasting impact for our planet, our future and our own lives.

What society will look like in the future depends on the collective and the individual choices that we make today. Decisions made in 2018 will leave lasting footprints, affecting life on planet earth in 2050. We have the power to make better decisions and push for the change we want to see. Now we encourage you to ask yourself – what will your contribution be for a healthier planet?